Maiduguri Nigeria

Maiduguri is also known as Yerwa by its locals and it I the State capital and largest city in Borno State of Nigeria. The city is located in the Northeastern part of Nigeria along the seasonal Ngadda River which flows into the Firki swamps around Lake Chad. Some Places to Visit in Maiduguri Maiduguri has lovely places that visitors and tourist would surely enjoy. Some of these interesting places to visit in Maiduguri include;  Sambisa Game Reserve: In 1970, Sambisa Game Reserve was developed by the colonial masters to serve as a safari and offers visitors the chance to have that safari experience. It is known as a conservation center for wildlife.   Borno State Museum: This is an epitome of famous history and cultural heritage for Borno sited at the premises of the Open Theater within Maiduguri. It is collectively enriched by its heterogeneous ethnic groups and basically built for the preservation, exhibition and promotion of Borno antiquities and other historic artifacts.  hehu of Borno Palace: This palace reflects the prestigious relics, grandeur and modified architectural design of Arab civilization. It is prominently situated in Maiduguri metropolis.

Shehu of Borno Palace

  Sanda Kyarimi Park Zoo: The zoo park was developed in the year 1970, and it is sited in Maiduguri along Shehu Laminu way. It houses numerous animal species of great beauty and serves as a leisure for people most especially during festive periods.

Entrance of Maiduguri

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