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American officials sent to Nigeria to help find the group of abducted schoolgirls reminded me of a revealing interview I conducted a year ago in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, in which I tried to lead it. The Muslim rebel movement in northeastern Nigeria was a frequent topic on this blog and is now under increasing scrutiny by journalists and policy makers following the kidnapping of more than 1,000 girls from their school in May 2014. Boko Haram emerged as well-known preachers and religious leaders in northern Nigeria began radicalizing their followers to reject secular aspects of Nigerian society. In recent years, as the conflict between Nigeria's government and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has grown, it has become a coveted target for the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Britain, Australia, Russia, China, India, South Africa, and others.

This does not mean that Boko Haram has been defeated, but it is certainly on the brakes in Niger and has certainly maintained its firepower, even if it is weakened, as the end of 2016 showed. The south and east of Niger was inevitably affected by the bitter war that its leaders and the Nigerian authorities inevitably began in July 2009. The territory of the empire stretched from present-day Nigeria to Chad, Sudan and the north to Libya, and stretched at one point east of Chad and Sudan to the east of Niger.

This does not weaken the military power of Boko Haram and its allies in the south and east of Niger, but it weakens their influence in other parts of the country.

Nigeria is in the process of transition to democracy, and the history of Boko Haram cannot be disconnected from this immense political change.

The rise of Boko Haram and the torments of Nigeria go back to the early days, and Alex Thurston sheds light on the ideological predecessor of the uprising, the justification of the Koran to eat the hearts of the infidels. The best existing research has put Boko Haram in context, but Islamic and historical studies in the region have been insufficient to contextualize its ideological and historical roots. In his latest book, Boko Haram: The rise and fall of a jihadist movement in Nigeria, "he said.

On any given day, one of the 250 or so ethnic groups that make up Nigeria can be represented there. Nigeria has the largest population of any African country and is the second largest in the world after the United States. In Nigeria, virtually all indigenous races of Africa are represented, so there is no "Nigerian" or "African" ethnicity, but rather a mixture of ethnic, religious, and cultural groups.

In Nigeria, the Bantu and SemiBantu, who have immigrated from South and Central Africa, have mixed with the Sudanese. Although the Kanuri are far from the capital of Niger and have much more in common with Nigeria, they are present in many parts of the country. Nigerian forces massacred more than 1,000 of their followers in July 2009 According to Al-Ahram, many Boko Haram members found refuge in the city of Maiduguri. On my last day in Nigeria, I went to Abuja, where the story was told to me.

Borno remains relatively autonomous, with the exception of the city of Maiduguri and Borno State, the capital of northeastern Nigeria.

With 60% of the population under 25, Nigeria has long been Africa's largest economy, with cultural and economic influence felt across the continent. The economy was boosted by the oil boom of the 1970 "s, and until 1980 it was considered the world's largest oil exporter and second largest oil producer after the United States.

EYN expanded its growth from its traditional areas in northeastern Nigeria to other parts of the country, even planting churches in Niger, Cameroon and Togo. The university attracts students from across the continent, as Nigeria's northern east borders the republics of Niger, Chad and Cameroon. Itis suggested that tourists in the area need at least a week to enjoy the side of a mountain between Nigeria and Cameroon.

There is no doubt that most Nigerians want their government to abolish Boko Haram as quickly as possible. I wish we could end the current conflict in northeast Nigeria, because we have already done enough damage.

Boko Haram's origins date back to the early years of its existence, which dates back to the mid-19th century, with the creation of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

Maiduguri is the capital of Borno State, the largest northern state in northwest Nigeria, north of the Niger. Until the late 1970s, northern Nigeria may not have had any of these cities, but there was a political unity that began to shape the region from the eighth century. This was reinforced by the introduction of the railways in 1964 and the establishment of an independent state in 1967 with a population of over 1.5 million.

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More About Maiduguri