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In northeastern Nigeria, where many residents say life has been set back decades, ten years mark the beginning of a new era for Maiduguri, the capital of Nigeria's Borno state. It's been seven years since the collapse of the US - the terror group known as Boko Haram. Terrorist attacks have dropped dramatically since the Nigerian army invaded Maiduguri 18 months ago.

Many Nigerians displaced during the war against Boko Haram are living in temporary accommodation or staying with other families in the city of Maiduguri or other family homes. After Boko Haram's terrorized surrounding villages were largely driven out of Maidugsuri, those who terrorize the surrounding village have sought refuge and security in Maidugsuri.

Nigeria also has the highest malaria burden in the world, and CRS works with 13 states in Nigeria to reach 77 million people who have been prevented or treated for malaria. As part of our activities in Africa, we look forward to visiting Maidugsuri, Nigeria's second largest city and capital.

Nigerian officials have repeatedly claimed victory over Boko Haram, but residents say there is no doubt the attacks have caused one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. While the war against Boko Haram rages, beds and clinics are taken away, 2.8 million children are lying in beds severely malnourished, a tiny generation of Nigerians is facing famine, and more than 1.5 million people in the north and east of the country have no access to sufficient food, the situation in Nigeria is dramatic.

There is also evidence that they continue to actively plan to kidnap foreigners, and they have already shown in the past the intention and ability to kidnap in Nigeria.

In June, the militants carried out several attacks in northeastern Nigeria that killed dozens of civilians and at least two soldiers.

Boko Haram fighters mainly inhabit the city of Maiduguri, Nigeria's second largest city and capital of Borno state. The extremist group operates in the northern and central belt states, including the northeastern states of Adamawa, Yobe, Kano, Bornos and Yola. Religious tensions are particularly high in the Middle Belt, known in Nigeria as the northern part of the country where Boko Haram and other extremist groups operate. This city is dominated by a mixture of Muslims, Christians, Muslims and Christians of different ethnic and religious origins.

No other northern Nigerian city is as popular as Maiduguri, Nigeria's second largest city and capital of Borno State, since it was inhabited in the late 1970s.

Maiduguri is the capital of Borno State, the largest northern state in northwest Nigeria and the second largest city in Nigeria after Lagos. African oil producer, Nigeria has achieved some stability since the end of Muhammadu Buhari's military dictatorship in 2011.

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In light of the COVID 19 pandemic in Nigeria, we are adapting our programme to support the communities we serve by informing and educating them through a popular local radio station. The IRC's mobile medical team brings nutrition screenings and health care to communities where health care has been destroyed by war.

Back in Maiduguri, it is safe to say that not even our beloved Shehu of Borno has publicly denounced Boko Haram as un-Islamic. Meanwhile, Wakil tells us that the number of people who have joined them is growing, despite claims to the contrary by the Nigerian military. Since then, we have been following reports that Boko Haram splinter groups have made it difficult for him to keep track of which splinter group is carrying out attacks. A baby we met in an International Rescue Committee clinic in Maiduguri was injured by Boko Haram before it was even born.

Nigerian security forces have been accused by human rights groups of abuses in the fight against Boko Haram, including extrajudicial killings and mass arrests. In February 2018, more than a hundred students were kidnapped by a splinter group of Boko Haram, known as the Islamic State of West Africa. Among the first known attacks by Bokohar were about 200 militants who attacked Maiduguri University, a public university in Borno state, in October 2017. The Nigerian military's upcoming military operation against the group is the first of its kind in Nigeria in more than a decade.

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More About Maiduguri